FAA proposes $70,000 fine against Home Depot

FAA proposes $70,000 fine against Home Depot
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The Obama administration has proposed a $70,000 fine against Home Depot.

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration alleges the Atlanta-based home improvement and construction products retailer violated hazardous material regulations, when it shipped nine cans of spray paint in October from a store in Lincoln, Neb.

The FAA said some of the flammable spray paint leaked when UPS was preparing to transport the cans by air. The FAA further alleges that Home Depot failed to include the required shipping papers indicating the hazardous nature of a shipment’s contents, failed to mark or label the shipments in accordance with the Hazardous Materials Regulations and failed to provide emergency response information.

The agency said Home Depot has asked to meet with the agency to discuss the case. 

“We’re extremely committed to complying with all regulations and have cooperated with FAA on their investigation to help ensure this sort of mistake doesn’t happen again,” Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said in a statement Friday.