SkyWest Airlines faces $1.23M in FAA fines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed $1.23 million in fines against SkyWest Airlines.

The Utah-based airline, which partners with the world’s largest network carriers including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and American Airlines, is accused of operating aircraft that violated federal aviation regulations.


The first $320,000 civil penalty proposed comes after the airline allegedly failed to inspect certain main landing gear components on four jets at the required intervals. Worn components, the FAA said, could cause the landing gears to fail.

SkyWest allegedly operated the aircraft on more than 6,700 flights while the inspections were overdue.

The airline’s second civil penalty of $911,000, the FAA said, came after the company allegedly failed to inspect cargo door skins on two jets despite the Airworthiness Directive that was issued in 2006 after cracks were found in aluminum cargo doors.

The FAA said SkyWest allegedly operated those aircraft on a total of 15,969 flights when the inspections were overdue.

The airline has 30 days to respond to each proposed penalty. SkyWest could not immediately be reached for comment.