1 in 4 would opt out of their labor union, survey says

1 in 4 would opt out of their labor union, survey says
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Nearly 40 percent of union households nationwide don’t realize they can opt out of their union membership, a new survey from the National Employee Freedom Week coalition found.


In the survey, which kicks off the coalition’s annual campaign to inform union members about their workplace rights, 39.2 percent of 300 union members and union household surveyed said they didn’t know they could opt out of their union membership and opt out paying at least a portion of their yearly dues.

According to the survey, one in four union members said they would opt of their membership if they could do so without losing their job or getting penalized. and three in four union members said employees should have the right to decide whether to join or leave a labor union.

The NEFW coalition includes groups like the Association of American Educators, the Center on National Labor Policy Inc., FreedomWorks, the Heritage Foundation and the National Right to Work Committee.

“Belonging to a union shouldn’t be like the Hotel California where you can check in but you can never leave," NEFW Executive Director Victor Joecks said in a news release. “These survey results illustrate why NEFW is a vital educational campaign. All Americans should be aware of their rights regarding whether or not they want to be a part of a union.”