FDA: Just Mayo is not real mayonnaise

 FDA: Just Mayo is not real mayonnaise
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Federal regulators say Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo isn’t really mayonnaise.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a letter earlier this month warning the San Francisco-based food company that it was violating the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by mislabeling products Just Mayo and Just Mayo Sriracha.

The FDA said the product name, label and website lead consumers to believe that Just Mayo is real mayonnaise — which must, by law, contain eggs — when in fact it’s dairy free.


According to Hampton Creek’s website, Just Mayo is made with canola oil, white vinegar, sugar, salt, pea protein, spices and modified food starch.

The FDA also took issue with the company’s health claims.

“Specifically, your website, www.hamptoncreek.com includes the following statements, ‘Your Heart Matters. When your heart is healthy, well, we’re happy. You’ll never find cholesterol in our products.' Adjacent to this statement is a heart-shaped symbol with a smiling face,” the agency said in its letter to the company. “Together these statements and heart symbol are an implied health claim that these products can reduce the risk of heart disease due to the absence of cholesterol.”

Though there are unauthorized reports that a diet lower in cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease, the FDA said Hampton Creek can’t make a heart healthy claim because its products contain more than 13 grams of fat per labeled serving, or per 50 grams.

Just Mayo can be found nationwide in Dollar Tree, Whole Foods, ShopRite and Kroger stores, as well as select Costco warehouses. Earlier this month, the company announced plans to start selling its products, which include Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough, in North American Target and Wal-Mart stores.