DOJ gives $23 million to help local law enforcement buy body cameras

DOJ gives $23 million to help local law enforcement buy body cameras
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The Obama administration is spending $23.2 million to help local law enforcement agencies in 32 states buy body cameras.


Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Monday that the funding will be given in the form of federal grants to 73 local and tribal agencies. The grants, which will be awarded by the department’s Office of Justice Programs and require a 50/50 in-kind or cash match, will require each agency to establish a strong implementation plan and training policy before purchasing the actual cameras, and develop a long-term plan for storing the devices.

“This vital pilot program is designed to assist local jurisdictions that are interested in exploring and expanding the use of body-worn cameras in order to enhance transparency, accountability and credibility,” Lynch said in a news release. “The impact of body-worn cameras touches on a range of outcomes that build upon efforts to mend the fabric of trust, respect and common purpose that all communities need to thrive.”

The DOJ said Monday’s funding will help build on President Obama’s proposal to purchase 50,000 body-worn cameras for law enforcement agencies within three years.