Dodd-Frank costs $112 per person, study finds

The Dodd-Frank financial reform law has cost the average household $310, according to a new study.

The conservative American Action Forum (AAF) released a study Wednesday that finds Dodd-Frank has led to $36 billion in regulatory costs since it was passed in 2010.

That includes a more than $10 billion — or nearly 50 percent — increase in regulatory costs in the last year alone.

Broken down, the total cost of Dodd-Frank translates to $310 per household, or $112 per person, the study claims.

What’s more: The study finds there are another 61 Dodd-Frank regulations scheduled to be released before the end of the Obama administration that could cost an additional $3.3 billion in regulatory expenses.

The AAF’s studies are often disputed by left-leaning public interest groups, which argue they do not factor in the full benefits of the rules they are measuring.


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