Regulatory watchdogs concerned about Trump's budget cuts

Regulatory watchdogs concerned about Trump's budget cuts
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President Trump’s plan to cut federal agency spending by billions of dollars is raising concerns from regulatory proponents, who are concerned the cuts will weaken key environmental protections.

The White House said Monday the president intends to propose a budget that would shift $54 billion from federal agency coffers to the Pentagon.

“Most federal agencies will see a reduction as a result," an official from the White House Office of Management and Budget told reporters on background.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stands to be one of the biggest losers under Trump’s budget.


The budget would “Make America Sick Again,” said Alex Taurel, deputy legislative director at the League of Conservation Voters, making light of Trump’s campaign slogan.

“Trump’s rigged budget would stack the deck in favor of Big Oil and other corporate lobbyists who want to take the cops off the beat that protect clean drinking water, healthy air, and a safe climate for all people in this country,” Taurel said.

Trump’s spending plan would put “polluters first over the health of everyday people in this country,” Taurel said.

Elizabeth Thompson, vice president of political affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund, called it a “reckless budget” that gives “big polluters a license to pollute without consequences.”

“Here's what cutting EPA’s budget means in the real world: more air pollution, more asthma attacks for kids, more health problems,” Thompson said.

Lisa Gilbert, a director at Public Citizen, called the budget a “corporate robber baron wish list.”

“Trump’s proposed budget would emaciate public services and protections, endangering American workers, consumers and families,” Gilbert said.