Medical marijuana advocates to host lobbying day

Medical marijuana advocates to host lobbying day
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Medical marijuana advocates will descend on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

The advocates are in town for the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, which culminates in a lobbying day next week.

Currently, federal law prohibits any use of marijuana, including for medical purposes. But some states have lifted these restrictions within their own borders.

This has created a conflict between the federal and state governments over marijuana enforcement.


The Obama administration took a hands-off approach to enforcement. But advocates are concerned the Trump administration will be more aggressive about going after marijuana companies in these states.

Only Congress is in a position to completely lift the federal ban on marijuana through legislation. The advocates hope to make their case for lawmakers to issue a medical exemption.

Their push for legalization comes while Congress is out of town for a two-week recess, but hundreds of advocates plan to meet with Senate and House staffers to discuss the issue.