New regs for Thursday: Mortgages, sharks, agriculture

New regs for Thursday: Mortgages, sharks, agriculture
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Thursday’s edition of the Federal Register contains new rules for veteran home loans, shark fishermen and farmers who employ foreign agricultural workers.

Here’s what is happening:

Mortgages: The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is considering new rules for home loans offered to former members of the military.


The VA on Wednesday issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking relating to the expenses linked to these home loans.

The public has 60 days to comment.

Sharks: The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is tightening the controls on shark fishermen along the Atlantic coast.

Currently, these fisherman may catch up to 25 “large coastal sharks” per trip. But the NMFS will lower the catch limit to three sharks per trip.

This does not include sandbar sharks.

The NMFS hopes the new limits will prolong the fishing season.

The changes go into effect on April 15.

Meals: The Department of Labor is moving forward with new meal requirements for non-immigrant agricultural workers from other countries.

The rules limit how much their employers can charge for providing three meals each day.

The changes go into effect immediately.