New regs for Friday: Safety, drugs, highways

New regs for Friday: Safety, drugs, highways
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Friday’s edition of the Federal Register contains new product safety standards, along with delays to drug price limits and highway performance measures.

Here’s what is happening:

Safety: The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is proposing new protections for children’s booster seats after two deaths were reported.

The booster seat safety standards would apply to those that help young children sit up at the dinner table but not those that are used in cars.


The CPSC described a booster seat as a “juvenile chair, which is placed on an adult chair to elevate a child to standard dining table height. The booster seat is made for the purpose of containing a child, up to 5 years of age, and normally for the purposes of feeding or eating.”

The CPSC reported two deaths and another 146 injuries to children who were sitting in booster seats since 2008.

The public has 75 days to comment.

Drugs: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is again delaying an Obama-era rule for drug prices.

The Obama administration in January set new ceiling prices and civil penalties under the 340B drug pricing program. But the changes were delayed by President Trump’s regulatory moratorium.

The drug pricing rule was scheduled to go into effect next week, but HHS delayed it a second time until Oct. 1.

Highways: The Department of Transportation (DOT) is delaying new performance measures for highways.

The Transportation Department’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced Thursday that it is delaying certain highway and freight performance measures.

The DOT will reopen the regulatory proceedings.