Government to reopen after delayed start

Government agencies will reopen Wednesday after a delayed start to the morning, though federal workers have the option of working from home or taking an unscheduled day off because of bone-chilling temperatures.

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guidance delaying the start of the federal workday for two hours comes a day after a snowstorm forced the government’s closure for the 10th time in the last five years.


A top OPM official defended the decision, telling The Hill, “I think it’s the right call.”

At 8 a.m. Wednesday, the Capitol Hill area was an icy nine degrees.

“Employees should plan to arrive for work no more than 2 hours later than they would be expected to arrive,” according to the guidance posted on the OPM’s website.

The conditions prompted the OPM to allow unscheduled leave for most of the Washington area’s 300,000-person federal workforce, or the option of teleworking.

Emergency employees were expected to report to work at the usual time, unless otherwise instructed by their agencies.