White House threatens veto of GOP 'ambush election' bill

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President Obama will veto a Republican attempt to overturn a controversial labor regulation, the White House said Tuesday.

The Senate will vote Wednesday on a motion of disapproval that would roll back the National Labor Relations Board’s controversial rule speeding up union elections.


The GOP is employing the rarely used Congressional Review Act in a bid to block what Republicans refer to as the “ambush election” rule. They cleared a procedural hurdle Tuesday and began debate on the issue.

Republicans likely have the votes necessary to send the legislation to Obama’s desk, but the White House says the president will veto the bill that essentially overturns his labor policy.

White House officials said Tuesday the president “strongly opposes” the legislation.

“The National Labor Relations Board’s representation case procedures rule helps to level the playing field for workers,” the White House said.

Democrats argue the NLRB’s policy would reduce unnecessary delay tactics they say businesses use to prevent workers from voting to organize.

But Republicans say “ambush elections” do not give employers enough time to prepare by speeding up union election to as few as 10 days after a petition is filed.

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