Bill Clinton: I always kind of liked Scalia

Bill Clinton: I always kind of liked Scalia
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In an interview with The Washington Post, former President Clinton said he “always kind of liked" Justice Antonin Scalia, who died on Saturday while on a hunting trip in Texas.

Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip tweeted out Clinton’s remarks Saturday evening.


“Even though we disagreed on nearly everything, I always kind of liked Justice Scalia,” he reportedly said about one of the court’s most reliable conservative members.

Clinton also said Scalia’s passing came as a “great surprise.”

“He’s so full of life,” he reportedly said. “So vigorous. I thought he’d live to be 100.”

Scalia, a father of nine, was 79 years old. He was an avid hunter who also loved the opera, a passion he shared with fellow justice and good friend Ruth Bader Ginsburg.