Court Battles

House Democrats, Trump lawyers ask appeals court to expedite subpoena case

Lawyers for President Trump and the House Oversight and Reform Committee asked a federal appeals court to expedite the appeal of an order allowing the Mazars accounting firm to hand over Trump's financial records to lawmakers. 


In a joint filing on Wednesday, attorneys for both sides suggested a set of deadlines stretching into mid-July, setting the potential time frame for the case. 


If the appeals court approves the request, House Democrats agree to suspend the requirement for Mazars to supply the documents while the case plays out, according to the filing.


"Mazars agrees to continue collecting and preparing responsive documents but not to produce any documents in response to the subpoena during that period," the filing says.


House Oversight and Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) told reporters earlier Wednesday that the parties were working together to expedite the appeal. 


Judge Amit Mehta ruled Monday in favor of the subpoena for the president's financial records. The president's attorneys appealed the order the next morning. 


Wednesday's filing also comes shortly after a federal judge in New York rejected Trump's request to block separate congressional subpoenas for the president's financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One. 


Morgan Chalfant contributed.