Pence calls for Supreme Court to expand 'protections for the unborn'

Pence calls for Supreme Court to expand 'protections for the unborn'
© Greg Nash

Vice President Pence on Tuesday applauded the Supreme Court for upholding an Indiana law on the disposal of fetal remains that he signed in 2014 and said he's "hopeful" the court will in the future rule in favor of abortion restrictions.

Pence tweeted he was "proud" to have signed the law requiring that fetal remains be buried or cremated after abortions, calling the ruling that upheld the law "a victory for life."
Pence had also signed into law another Indiana measure that blocked abortions on the basis of the sex, disability or race of the fetus. The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of an appeals court decision that struck down that law.

"Today, Justice Thomas wrote: SCOTUS has been zealous in the past in barring discrimination based on sex, race, & disability," Pence tweeted. "Hopeful someday soon SCOTUS will recognize the same protections for the unborn when they rule on future appeals of pro-life legislation."
But Thomas, in a 20-page concurring opinion, raised concerns about eugenics in arguing that the Supreme Court will have to rule on abortion laws in the near future.

"Although the court declines to wade into these issues today, we cannot avoid them forever. Having created the constitutional right to an abortion, this court is dutybound to address its scope," the justice wrote.