Nassar dodges thousands in financial penalties to victims

Nassar dodges thousands in financial penalties to victims
© getty: Larry Nassar

Disgraced gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar appears to have dodged paying around $60,000 in restitution towards his victims while in prison.

Prosecutors revealed in a court filing on Wednesday that Nassar has paid the bare minimum toward his monetary penalties since being sentenced to 60 years in federal prison in late 2017 for child pornography charges.

Nassar, who is convicted of sexually assaulting dozens of female gymnasts, was ordered to pay $62,788.52 in monetary penalty, of which $57,488.52 is restitution for five victims.


Nassar has received $12,825 in his inmate trust account since he was incarcerated, which includes $2,000 in coronavirus stimulus checks, prosecutors wrote.

However, he’s only paid $300 toward the criminal penalties during that time, paying the minimum $25 per quarter.

“In other words, Nassar has paid approximately $8.33 toward his criminal monetary penalties per month,” prosecutors wrote.

Still, his account balanced listed $2,041.57, authorities said. None of the restitution has been paid.

The filing was first reported by The Washington Post, which noted that the Bureau of Prisons allows inmates to keep unlimited amounts of money in their accounts. This puts prosecutors in the position of asking the courts to have the bureau turn over the money. 

The Post added that Nassar still owes $834 in another case Eaton County. Mich., where he pleaded guilty to abusing children.

Nassar was also sentenced to up to 175 years in prison in late February for sexually assaulting dozens of girls.

The DOJ’s Office of Inspector General released a scathing report earlier this month faulting the FBI for failing to address the allegations, despite the “extraordinarily serious nature” of the accusations.