Nuclear regulators frustrated by lack of raises

Staffers at the Nuclear Regulator Commission (NRC) say their hard work isn’t being rewarded.

A survey of employees at the agency found that just 22 percent agreed that pay raises “depend on how well employees perform their jobs.”

Less than half of the agency’s workers also expressed satisfaction about their opportunities to get a promotion, recognition of differences in performance, the steps taken to address poorly performing co-workers and whether creativity and innovation were rewarded.


Additionally, only 62 percent said they were satisfied with the training they received. 

In a statement, the NRC noted that employees have gone for several years without pay raises and that money for training was cut nearly in half by federal budget cuts.

Workers did, however, express satisfaction with other aspects of their jobs.

The vast majority said that they were “willing to put in the extra effort to get a job done," that they like the job they do and that they are always looking to do their work better.

“I was pleased to see that NRC employees continue to give our agency’s goals and priorities high scores in spite of current government-wide challenges,” NRC Chairwoman Allison Macfarlane said in a statement. “Our staff does important work on behalf of the American people, and we are proud of their service.”

The annual survey was conducted by the Office of Personnel Management. Results will be used to improve the way the agency functions, Macfarlane said.