Efficiency rules target soda vending machines

Efficiency rules target soda vending machines
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The Obama administration is moving to impose new energy efficiency regulations on vending machines.

The Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy will propose stronger efficiency standards for beverage vending machines that serve sodas and other drinks, the agency said.

The vending machine standards were first issued in 2009, but the DOE is looking to strengthen those rules.

The efficiency rules would save energy and cut carbon pollution, but they would also cost millions for manufacturers to comply with.

Environmental activists are cheering the new rules.

"We might not think about them much unless we want a cold drink on a hot summer day like today,” said Elizabeth Noll, an advocates for the National Resources Defense Council.

The efficiency rules would cut energy consumption from vending machines by 39 percent, according to the agency, which could save consumers more than $1 billion. It would also reduce carbon pollution by the amount produced by 1 million homes in a year.

But the rules could cost businesses as much as $3.5 million in compliance costs.

The DOE is preparing to release the rules in the coming weeks.