EPA issues new refrigerator Energy Star standards


“We can all do our part in meeting the challenge of climate change,” said Janet McCabe, the principal deputy assistant administrator of the EPA's air and radiation office, in a statement. “By choosing Energy Star appliances, families can save energy, save money, and reduce carbon pollution.”

The EPA predicts that consumers could save up to $1,100 over the life of the device on energy costs by updating to a new Energy Star certified refrigerator.

The Energy Star program was established in 1992 and designates products that meet standards of energy efficiency.

In 2012, the certification helped Americans save $24 billion on their utility bills and prevented the equivalent of 50 million vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA.

The EPA is also encouraging fridge and freezer manufacturers to include features that allow users to view how much energy is being used in real time and receive messages to remind them to close doors that have been left open, among other features. With their owner's permission, the recommended features also let the appliances decrease operations during peak energy times that are more expensive.

The new standards go into effect Sept. 15, 2014.