GOP lawmakers decry ceiling fan regulations


"Nothing is safe from the Obama administration’s excessive regulatory tentacles," she added.

In response, two lawmakers have added a provision to an annual appropriations bill that would prevent the Energy Department from using money to implement or enforce draft standards for ceiling fans.

In March, the department began the process of issuing new rules for ceiling fans' energy efficiency by issuing a 101-page framework. The proposal would also set energy standards for ceiling fans when in off or standby modes.

Current standards for the fans have existed since 2005, but a new proposal from the department would likely involve more conservative standards and add additional rules for testing the fans.

Blackburn and Rokita say those measures would make the fans more expensive and limit the number of rooms where fans can be placed.

“The disregard the Obama Energy Department bureaucrats have for the practical implications of their red tape is outrageous," Rokita said in a statement.

"These counterproductive regulations will only drive up the prices of ceiling fans and encourage the use of less energy efficient cooling systems," he added. "This is yet another example of this administration double dipping in the pockets of Americans: using taxpayer dollars to raise prices on consumers.”