Report: Largest flooring retailer accused of importing illegal wood


The report details an EIA investigation of the flooring retailer and its chief supplier, a Chinese economic and trade company. The Chinese supplier operates four forest concessions in the Russian Far East (RFE), which is inhabited by the last 450 siberian tigers in the world.

With roughly 300 retail stores in North America, the U.S. lumber company links American "consumers to the destruction of critically endangered tiger habitat and forests in the RFE," said the EIA, a nonprofit bent on exposing environmental crimes.

In July, EIA executive director Alexander von Bismarck testified before a House Natural Resources subcommittee on the effects of illegal logging in the war against traffickers who funnel money to terrorist groups.

Without the Lacey Act, Bismarck said, the killing of U.S. servicemen would continue to be financed by illegal logging.