Chamber of Commerce urges next president to 'do big things'

Chamber of Commerce urges next president to 'do big things'
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The nation’s leading business group wants the next president to put the country’s fiscal house in order.

In a letter Tuesday, U.S. Chamber of Commerce called on the 45th President to make regulatory and entitlement reforms, invest in infrastructure, reform the nation’s immigration laws, reduce tax rates and expand free trade.


“You ran for the presidency to do big things,” said the letter posted on the chamber’s website. “After ensuring the nation's security, none will be bigger than restoring our economy to robust growth and restoring soundness to the nation's finances. We stand ready and eager to help.” 

The chamber blasted President Obama for tying the economy in knots with a "torrent of job-killing regulations" and called for cost-benefit analysis to be part of any regulatory reform efforts.

“Sound regulatory reform would allow American businesses a chance to catch their breath so they can focus less on Washington’s intrusions and more on growing their businesses and competing internationally,” the Chamber said.

The Chamber has been a staunch backer of immigration reform legislation, and supported the "Gang of Eight" bill that failed to pass Congress.

During a speech in January, Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue criticized the “very loud” voices in the Republican presidential race who he said advocate “walling off America.”

Donohoue said the Chamber would not be making an endorsement in the 2016 race, as is customary for the group.