Study: E-cigs more popular among youth than traditional smokes

Study: E-cigs more popular among youth than traditional smokes
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The popularity of electronic cigarettes and hookahs has overtaken traditional cigarettes among youths, according to a new study from the federal government.

The Food and Drug Administration, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found e-cigarettes are the most popular tobacco product among middle and high school students.

In fact, 2.4 million students reported using e-cigarettes in 2014, while the use of hookah products by youths has doubled since 2011.


“One thing the study confirms for us is that the tobacco product landscape has changed dramatically,” said Benjamin Apelberg, chief of epidemiology at FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. “Middle and high school kids are using novel products like e-cigarettes and hookahs in unprecedented numbers.”

The survey identified a total of 4.6 million youth smokers. 

The use of traditional cigarettes among students has declined by more than 40 percent since 2011. However, many youth smokers are simply switching to alternative tobacco products.

This raises new concerns for health officials.

“While we’re glad to see cigarette smoking decreasing in middle and high school youth, the increase in the use of e-cigarettes and hookahs undermines progress in reducing tobacco use among kids,” said FDA epidemiologist Catherine Corey.