FDA: Tainted food caused hepatitis outbreak in five states

Eleven of 17 individuals questioned by the CDC said they recalled eating Townsend Farms Organic Anti-Oxidant Blend, a mix of frozen berries and pomegranate seeds.

“We are moving quickly to learn as much as possible and prevent additional people from becoming ill,” the FDA said on its website.


The federal agencies are working with local public health departments in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California, where the outbreaks have occurred.

A statement from the California Department of Public Health indicates that Costco is the only retailer that purchased the Townsend Farms product.

Most people who contract hepatitis A – an infection that attacks liver function – are able to fully recover with proper treatment, but there is a possibility of liver failure in those with already-weak livers or immune systems.

There have been no reported deaths.