FDA delays ObamaCare calorie-count rule

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President Trump’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is delaying a controversial ObamaCare rule that requires restaurants to list the calories in the food they sell. 

The FDA’s menu labeling requirements, which were delayed again on Monday, would also apply to certain grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, movie theaters and sports stadiums that sell prepared food.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said the menu labeling requirements would be “unwise and unhelpful” as currently written, and added that the FDA is looking for ways to make the rules “more flexible and less burdensome.”

“The FDA made the right decision to delay a rule that would have essentially dictated how every food service establishment in America with more than 20 locations — restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and more — writes and displays their menus,” Price said.

This is the third time the rules have been delayed since they were issued in December 2014. 

The restaurant compliance date was previously pushed back twice under the Obama administration.

Restaurants now have until May 7, 2018, to comply with the menu labeling requirements, though some fast-food chains already provide calorie information to customers.


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