Idaho to require abortion providers give personal details on their patients

Idaho to require abortion providers give personal details on their patients
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Under a new law, Idaho will require abortion providers to report personal details about their patients, including how many times they've had the procedure in the past.

Gov. Butch Otter (R) signed a bill into law on Thursday that will require abortion providers to collect data on women's personal and health details, The Associated Press reported Friday.

The report will include the woman's age, race, number of children, if any of their children have died and the number of their past abortions.


The legislation also requires medical practitioners to report a list of any possible abortion complications, including infection, blood clot, hemorrhaging, depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

The new law comes just two days after Otter approved a so-called abortion reversal law, which requires women to be informed that a drug-induced procedure can be halted halfway.

Medical experts — including the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists — have pushed back, saying there is little scientific evidence to support that theory.

The laws follow a nationwide trend from Republican-led states trying to restrict a women’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

This week, Mississippi's governor signed the country's most restrictive abortion law, banning the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy. 

However, a federal judge  temporarily blocked the law from going into effect on Tuesday. 

Last month, an Idaho state senator made headline after yelling “abortion is murder” at a group of college students lobbying for birth control and sexual education.