GM to lay off 415 workers at Mexican facility amid US strike

GM to lay off 415 workers at Mexican facility amid US strike

General Motors will temporarily lay off 415 workers at one of its Mexican facilities as a U.S. strike by United Auto Workers (UAW) members enters its third week, according to Reuters.

GM announced Monday it would partially put operations on hold at its Ramos Arizpe propulsion plant, shutting down work on the V8 engine line and the CVT transmission line, according to the news service.


The plant will continue manufacturing engines for the still-operational Ramos assembly plant.

GM previously announced it will temporarily lay off 6,000 workers at the automaker’s pickup truck and transmission factories in the city of Silao.

A top UAW official said this weekend that negotiations between union leaders and management have “taken a turn for the worse,” with UAW Vice President Terry Dittes saying in a letter to striking workers that the most recent proposal from GM “reverted back to their last rejected proposal and made little change."

In a statement to The Hill Sunday, a spokesperson for GM said the company continues "to negotiate in good faith with very good proposals that benefit employees today and build a stronger future for all of us."

Workers went on strike Sept. 16 to demand higher pay, better protection for health care benefits and an increased share of the automaker’s profits.