House GOP calls for regulatory reform in budget proposal

House Republicans are calling for major regulatory reforms in their 2016 budget proposal.

The Obama administration is “punishing job creators” and “smothering innovation” with heavy-handed regulations, Republicans say, suggesting a new path forward that they say is “free of onerous Washington mandates or overregulation."

"Since President Obama took office in January 2009, the federal government has issued more than 468,500 pages of regulations,” they wrote in the budget proposal released Tuesday.


The Republicans’ proposal calls for legislation that would require “congressional approval for all new major regulations before enactment as opposed to current law in which Congress must expressly disapprove of regulation to prevent it from becoming law.’

A retrospective review of all major regulations three years after they go into effect is also recommended in the proposal.

Republicans also call for the Obama administration to streamline and eliminate unnecessary regulations and pursue less expensive rules.

Republicans signaled out the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the more controversial regulatory agencies.

They pointed to a study from the National Association of Manufacturers that estimates the cost of regulations is more than $2 trillion per year.

"Businesses are facing hurdles with regulations,” they wrote, adding, “Outdated and needless rules punish job creators."