Bill would put DOL in charge of federal contractors’ wage claims

“GAO is no longer responsible for other claims functions, so it is time we move this administrative duty to the agency responsible for enforcing the law. Doing so will help decrease redundancies and ensure greater efficiency within the federal government,” Walberg said in a statement.

The bill, the Streamlining Claims Processing for Federal Contracted Employees Act, is identical to legislation that passed the House overwhelmingly last year but never got a vote in the Senate.

The GAO currently processes claims from contracted workers who did not receive the appropriate payment. The legislation would hand that power over to the Labor Department.

“It is time that we transfer this administrative responsibility to the agency that enforces this law,” Rep. Courtney said. “Transitioning claim adjustments from the GAO to the Department of Labor will help to streamline the process and ensure that workers receive their pay in a timely manner.”