Bill would require more lists of expected rules


“When faced with new regulations, small business owners must consider how it will affect every aspect of their business, such as workers’ wages and hours, hours of operation, and daily costs and processes. In order for our economy to grow and businesses to prosper, we should take steps to ensure that they are given sufficient notice of regulations, and have time to adjust their business practices in anticipation of regulatory changes,” Holding said in a statement.

The legislation would supplement a twice-yearly regulatory roadmap that the Obama administration has often been late in issuing.

Those biannual guides are supposed to be published in April and October, but last year just one was issued, in late December.

This year, the administration missed the deadline for its spring guide and released the plan, known as the Unified Agenda, in July.

In addition to the monthly reports, the new legislation would also punish the administration for not releasing that agenda on time. It would prevent agencies from being able to implement regulations if they fail to give proper notice.