News bites: House set to vote to give Congress more sway over regs

The Fed chairmanship sweepstakes is on, with The New York Times reporting that President Obama has narrowed the field of candidates for the job to three: Larry Summers, Janet Yellen and Donald Kohn.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, reports that former Fed Vice Chairman Roger Ferguson is a contender.

Global financial regulators are rethinking complicated rules for banks, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The latest on RegWatch:

Public interest groups bemoaned “regulatory paralysis” during a Senate hearing.

Ten senators are demanding stronger anti-shark-finning rules.

The Agriculture Department selected Chobani brand Greek Yogurt for the National School Lunch program.

House Republicans asked the Government Accountability Office to study the Obama administration’s decision to increase the “social cost” of Carbon.

The Transportation Department unveiled eased paperwork regulations for truck drivers.

Republicans blasted the IRS, saying the agency can’t be trusted with ObamaCare data.

President Obama ordered a national review of chemical plant safety. 

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