New regs for Wednesday: Delaying rail safety rule

The Coast Guard wants to amend its reporting and record keeping requirements for vessels with ballast tanks.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing tolerances for residues of a number of pesticides and fungicides on food, including imidacloprid, propamocarb and sedaxane. The agency is also allowing some residues of diisopropyl adipate to be exempt from tolerance limits if the chemical is used as a solvent in products for mosquito control. 

Rules should be changed for a number of other pesticides, according to petitions filed with the EPA. 

The Fish and Wildlife Service has decided not to take three antelope species off of its list of endangered species when in captivity.

The Forest Service is simplifying and shortening the process of administrative appeal for national forests. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is issuing guidance to implement a rule requiring a specific license for initial distributions of source material or for distributions to people who have been declared exempt. 

The Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network wants to renew its declaration that Banco Delta Asia is a "financial institution of primary money laundering concern." 

The Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service wants to change the regulations for its financing of rural development projects and for determining grant and loan eligibility

The Bureau of Industry and Security, part of the Commerce Department, is changing export rules to reflect decisions made at a June 2012 international conference. 

Federal structure:
Employees of the federal government should be able to work a part-time schedule while beginning to use their retirement benefits, according to a proposal from the Office of Personnel Management. 

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which protects Americans' liberties, is issuing a rule describing its organization and operations. 

The State Department is changing its visa rules to allow diplomats' family members to more easily work with international organizations.