New regs for Friday: Computer energy conservation

Energy conservation:
The Department of Energy has tentatively determined that computers and computer servers must conform to energy conservation standards.


The determinations should allow the department to consider issuing standards for their energy conservation and testing procedures.

The Federal Aviation Administration is publishing expanded requirements for pilots to be certified to fly commercial planes. 

As The Hill reported Wednesday, the agency is now requiring pilots to have logged 1,500 flight training hours, up six times from the previous 250 hours required.

Regulatory guidance for truckers is being amended to be less restrictive, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hopes will lead to drivers taking more breaks during the work day. 

The previous guidance, which dated back to 1997, included language on when drivers could report their meal and other stops that was "overly restrictive and inconsistent with the hours-of-service regulations," according to the agency.

Another guidance being issued will explain safety precautions for unloading hazardous materials from rail tank cars. 

The Treasury Department's alcohol and tobacco office wants to establish a region for North Carolina and Georgia vintners to declare that their wines come from the "Upper Hiwassee Highlands." 

The department's bureau is setting up the area "to allow vintners to better describe the origin of their wines and to allow consumers to better identify wines they may purchase," according to the proposal.

The Food and Drug Administration is changing its regulations on infant formula labels to remove references to a resin that is no longer used. 

Changes are also being proposed to an Agriculture Department program that gives free meals to low-income children during the summer. The changes are meant to simplify cost accounting and reporting procedures and make running the program smoother. 

National fishing regulators are allowing fishing for some types of fish in a region off the coast of Alaska for 48 hours this month. The allowance is being made to let fishers reach the limit of fish for the region. 

The Department of Agriculture is reopening a comment period for an April proposal that would change the regulations for imports of plants meant for planting. 

The Environmental Protection Agency is extending the comment period for a proposal on the wastewater from power plants that use fossil fuels to create steam. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is updating its limits on deferred premiums by about 8 percent, based on inflation.