New regs for Monday: High sea collisions and nuclear plant fires

The Department of the Navy is amending a set of regulations designed to prevent collisions at sea to allow an exemption for a single ship. The Navy has concluded that the USS Bunker Hill is a vessel, “which, due to its special construction and purpose, cannot fully comply” with the standards on the book. Mariners be warned.

Nuke plants:
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is putting out a call for feedback on its guidance involving fire protection plants at licensed plants around the country. The commission’s report “explores technologies that did not exist when the current plants were licensed,” including video-based fire detection and portable suppression systems. Comments are due Aug. 30.

Veterans’ records:
The Department of Veterans Affairs has concluded its policy denying some Veterans access to their own records is no good. Under current regulations, the VA may prevent a veteran from getting at his or her own records if it is determined that the release could have an “adverse effect on the physical or mental health of a requesting individual.” The agency has determined the practice runs contrary to law and is scrapping it.

The State Department is proposing to update its acquisition regulations involving motor vehicles, aircraft, software costing more than $500,000 and personal property greater than $25,000. The regulations were last updated in 1999. Interested parties have 60 days to way in on the plan.

The Federal Communications Commission is implementing parts of the Broadband Data Improvement Act (BDIA). The new final regulations pave the way for broadband mapping and other projects that eligible entities are undertaking under the BDIA to give the government a better handle on the deployment and adoption of broadband services in the United States.

The Justice Department is proposing new consent decrees under the Clean Air Act and settlement agreements under the Clean Water Act.

The Ocean Energy Management Bureau is announcing new oil and gas lease sales in portions of the Gulf of Mexico.