7 United flight passengers taken to hospitals after emergency landing over odor issue

Seven passengers on a United Airlines flight were taken to Washington, D.C.-area hospitals Friday morning after the plane had to make an emergency landing following reports of an odor. 

The plane, which was flying from Baltimore to San Francisco, made an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport after a fuel odor was reported. 

United said in a statement to WJZ 13 News that there was a “strong odor” in the cabin of the Boeing 737 after takeoff.


“Customers were immediately deplaned and evaluated by medical personnel. Several customers were transported to local hospitals,” the company said.

According to the outlet, four passengers were taken to a Reston, Va., emergency room but were not admitted to the hospital. WJZ 13 also reported that one person was discharged and another three were pending discharge. 

Passengers on the flight took to social media to describe the smell of fuel, which reportedly triggered chest pains, headaches and nausea.

There has been no impact on airport operations, officials said in the statement.