Boeing finds new software problem with grounded 737 Max

Boeing finds new software problem with grounded 737 Max
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Boeing engineers say they have uncovered a new software issue on the grounded 737 Max that needs repair before the aircraft can resume safely servicing customers, according to a Bloomberg report.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Steve Dickson on Thursday confirmed that engineers discovered the problem. Bloomberg said they had not received a response from Boeing.

The reported problem stems from a light designated for alerting the pilot when the stabilizer trim system is not functioning correctly.


“[The light] had been staying on for longer than a desired period,” Dickson said.

The alert warns when the trim system, which helps raise and lower the plane’s nose, isn’t working correctly, according to two contacts familiar with the issue which were not authorized to comment on it, Bloomberg reported.

Officials at the FAA are unsure how much of a delay this issue may cause for the company to get the 737 Max back in the air. However, Boeing has previously stated that the aircraft is estimated to return to service around mid-2020.