Association of Claims Professionals (ACP)

About ACP: The Association of Claims Professionals (ACP) is the leading national association representing the policy interests of independent claims professionals. From its inception in 2004, ACP has worked on the development of federal and state policies supporting the adjuster industry, ranging from adjuster licensing uniformity and reciprocity to eliminating burdensome state legislative or regulatory policies that would impede the prompt and equitable reimbursement of claims to Americans across the country.

Federal Policy Agenda: ACP has worked with the Congress to introduce bipartisan legislation addressing inconsistencies and inefficiencies within the claims industry. The legislation would incentivize those states that license independent claims adjusters to adopt uniform and reciprocal licensing laws. Known as the Claims Licensing Advancement for Interstate Matters (CLAIM) Act (H.R. 4037), the legislation gives states four years to adopt uniform and reciprocal adjuster licensing laws. The bill also expedites the claims process for disaster victims. The legislation will also ensure that active duty service members have their licenses automatically renewed, and that they do not risk losing their licenses while serving their country. The bill also now addresses the needs of rural Americans, and particularly America’s family farms, by streamlining the process for crop adjusters to work across state lines.

State Policy Agenda: ACP has been active for several years at the state level in advocating for independent claims professionals. The association currently maintains state campaigns in California, New York, and Texas, working to ensure the regulatory environment benefits adjusters and the consumers they serve in times of loss or disaster.

Association Membership: ACP is a membership organization comprised of organizations that employ and contract with independent claims professionals. ACP companies respond every day to individuals and businesses who suffer a loss such as a workplace injury, property or casualty damage, or liability. Insurance carriers and self-insured companies retain our member companies for expert advice and knowledge throughout the claims management cycle. ACP companies provide a full range of claims services from claims adjusting to comprehensive claims management.

Organizational Structure: ACP is a virtual organization comprised of staff consultants who are experts in their policy, public relations, and membership management fields.

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Association of Claims Professionals
State Policy Director

Position Overview:

The State Policy Director is charged with the strategic planning, execution and management of ACP’s state advocacy and policy initiatives. Reporting to the Association’s Executive Committee (comprised of the senior executives from the key member organizations), the State Policy Director is responsible for the overall management of the Association’s state lobbying campaigns, as well as the building of strategic relationships and alliances with claims industry stakeholder groups to achieve ACP’s policy goals.

Those policy goals will be based on enactment of legislation or regulatory change on ACP’s core policy issues, examples of which are provided below:

1. Licensing Uniformity and Reciprocity:
a. Advocating for uniform and reciprocal licensing regimes;
b. Securing uniform continuing education requirements across states;
c. Eliminate differing fingerprinting requirements and processes;
d. Securing the ability of adjusters to transfer licensure across state lines;
e. Seeking to improve licensing online processes through NIPR and coordination of changes with states to eliminate burdensome paper submissions;
f. Securing the use of uniform applications; and,
g. Eliminating burdensome licensing law or regulation other than identified above.
2. Bad Faith: Developing state policy initiatives opposing any legislative or regulatory action that would expand or enhance bad faith remedies against the adjuster industry.
3. Wage/Hour Issues: Reforming and rationalizing unjust state wage and hour laws and seeking reform on certain judicial decisions.
4. Data privacy and cybersecurity: Monitoring state laws and regulations to ensure no adverse impact to the adjuster industry.

Responsibilities and Qualifications:
Candidates should have proven experience in the planning and execution of multifaceted state legislative and regulatory lobbying campaigns, either through introduction and successful enactment of state legislation or working with state regulators to resolve specific policy issues. Candidates should have a strong knowledge and track record of federal and/or state policymaking and advocacy success.

Senior leadership experience in the claims industry is preferred. Other qualifications should include:

State Lobbying Campaigns:

• Experience in hiring and managing state lobbyist firms and/or consultant experts with key state relationships, driving results with high-performing lobbyists teams; being outcomes oriented on ACP’s core policy issues.

• Ability to develop individual state strategic plans and budgets.

• Development of policy materials: talking points, and one-pagers for each state lobbying campaign.

• Work with ACP public relations consultants to generate targeted public relations and media products, raising the profile of ACP’s policy issues.

• Development and implementation of grassroots programs (Examples: letter-writing campaigns, state house member fly-ins, key ACP member meetings with legislators) to assist in achieving legislative and/or regulatory policy goals.

• Utilization of a legislative and regulatory tracking platform to report to ACP members with frequency on bills and regulations that impact the Association’s core policy objectives.

• Management of multiple state campaigns and scope of work.

• Ability to build relationships with state legislators, regulators, and executive branch officials.

• Excellent interpersonal, multidisciplinary project management and writing skills required.

Building Strategic Relationships and Alliances with Claims Industry Stakeholder Groups:

• Ability to engage and work closely with senior leadership of industry stakeholder groups to build awareness, consensus and advance ACP’s federal and state policy interests.

• Explore potential for building formal or informal alliances with non-member organizations.

• Ability to travel to industry claims and insurance stakeholder group conferences representing ACP, building key relationships to further the Association’s policy interests.

• Ability to manage the organization’s memberships in key national organizations if membership warrants.

Status and Time Requirements: The State Policy Director is a consulting position with time demands that vary depending on the scope of work identified for each state legislative and/or regulatory campaign. Depending on the individual state legislative sessions, ACP could be involved in anywhere from 3 – 10 state campaigns annually. Travel and time commitments attending targeted industry stakeholder conferences is also required.

Compensation: Compensation commensurate with experience.


To Apply: 

Submission of Resume: Interested and qualified candidates should submit their curriculum vitae and appropriate background materials, including references and salary expectations, by email to Susan Murdock, Chief Operations Officer at

Susan Murdock
Chief Operations Officer
Association of Claims Professionals (ACP)
Phone: 571.239.1476