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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Legislative Counsel


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September 21, 2020REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL AMRPA Legislative Counsel


Article I.        Introduction

American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association requests that your company

make a proposal for your services to serve as the Association’s Legislative Counsel/Strategic Lobbying Advisor. The following proposal request will outline the project goals and detail the format you should submit your proposal. Please read the timeline carefully. In order for your proposal to be considered, your proposal must meet our deadlines included in the timeline under Section 2.02.


Section 1.01  Contact Information

Please contact Kate Beller for questions about the proposal submission details:

Phone: 202-207-1132



Article II.       Mission & Timeline


Section 2.01  Mission

By the end of this project we hope to achieve the following:


Achieved the goals set forth in AMRPA's 2020-2021 agenda that require new legislation and/or amendments to existing legislation, including:

        Delaying the implementation timeline and calling for a broader reevaluation of the


Developing a strategic approach to creating an innovative post-acute care placement tool, in close collaboration with key post-acute care stakeholder groups, Congressional members of the Committees of jurisdiction, and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) leadership

        Achieving meaningful prior authorization reform for inpatient rehabilitation hospitals,

Securing permanent implementation of certain waivers granted in the context of the COVID-19 public health emergency, including those related to telehealth, licensing, and documentation/reporting relief


AMRPA also expects Legislative Counsel to strengthen the Association’s relationship with key Congressional offices and Committee staff and ensure the Association is well-positioned to provide input and recommendations on future legislation involving post-acute care reform or other issues affecting Association members


Section 2.02 Detailed Scope of Work

Congressional & Administration Outreach, Meetings & Intelligence Sharing

        Conduct outreach to and securing meetings with offices within Congress and the

Administration, often conducted with AMRPA Board Leadership and AMRPA Staff

Foster AMRPAs relationships with key governmental entities (e.g., MedPAC) and other post-acute care stakeholders, coalitions, and other individual/groups Participate in Committee calls affecting legislative or regulatory policy – Unified PAC PPS; Quality of Care;  Denials Management & Managed Care; Legislative & Regulatory; and any other Committee meetings at the invitation of staff or AMRPA leadership

        Provide updates on Congressional RFIs, briefings, and related intel

        Assist staff in drafting leave-behinds, grassroots alerts, and related documents


Engagement & Education Efforts Focused across AMRPA Membership

        Draft article for monthly AMRPA magazine/blog

        Help secure speakers from Congress and the Administration for annual AMRPA Spring


        Present at AMRPA Fall Educational Conference as requested

        Serve as surrogate for AMRPA Staff, as requested, in presenting legislative updates to

AMRPA members (e.g., Members Only Call; Board calls)


Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring, Correspondence, & Coverage Duties

        Provide support to AMRPA staff in MedPAC meetings

        Provide support to AMRPA staff in CMS meetings and outreach

        Attend and prepare summaries of Congressional hearings and briefings as requested

Notify AMRPA staff and membership about upcoming Congressional hearings and briefings as requested; monitor other Congressional development (e.g., status of relevant legislation) and relevant updates from the Administration/overseeing agencies

Provide support to AMRPA staff in drafting/substantively reviewing comment letters and other correspondence with regulatory agencies




Section 2.03 Request for Estimates for Additional Services

In addition to the core functions described in Section 2.02, AMRPA welcomes bids on the

following services:


Administer AMRPA Fly-In Event

        Help schedule Congressional Fly-In and Fly-Out meetings for AMRPA members

(average one event a year)

        Help AMRPA staff develop and present training/briefing materials at prep sessions for

Fly-In participants

Coordinate day-of logistics, assist Fly-In participants in navigating Capitol Hill, join select meetings


AMRPA PAC Assistance

        Advise on matters related to the AMRPA PAC, including increasing funding, identifying

Congressional champions/events, and building the AMRPA PAC profile

        Advise on AMRPAs potential hosting of a PAC event in 2021


Section 2.04  Timeline

In order to complete our mission, we aim to complete the RFP and engage with Legislative

Counsel by or before January 1, 2021.Article III.     The Proposal


Section 3.01  Summary of Proposal


(a) Expectations

Contracts will be awarded based on the information presented in the proposals received.

We will award contracts based on the proposal expected to be the most beneficial to our project based on a variety of factors. American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association reserves the right to award more than one contract, accept the lowest price offer, award contracts before the proposal deadline listed in the timeline, award contracts before all proposals are received, and refuse any contract without obligation to American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association or to the company offering the proposal.


(b) Response Deadline

Please forward a letter of intent by October 9, 2020 if you intend to submit a proposal.

Likewise, if you do not intend to make a proposal, please forward a no-bid letter by the same date.


(c) Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be submitted to American Medical Rehabilitation Providers

Association by October 21, 2020 to be considered for their contribution to Legislative



(d) Selection Criteria

All offers submitted will be considered based upon the materials provided in the

proposal. Consideration will be given to performance projections as well as cost and staff requirements. Only those proposals submitted by the deadline above will be considered. The following criteria will be the primary considerations for selecting a proposal:


1.   Submission of all proposals in the correct format by the stated deadline.

2.   The perceived effectiveness of the proposal's solution for American Medical

Rehabilitation Providers Association's stated mission.

3.   The perceived ability for the proposing company's ability to deliver their services set forth in their proposal.

4.   The proposing company's past performance in delivering such services.

5.   Availability of sufficient high quality personnel with the required skills for the specific approach proposed.

6.   Overall cost of the proposal.


American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association may suspend or discontinue proposals at any time without notice or obligation to the company that submitted the proposal.


(e) Proposal Format: American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association suggests that you include the following information in your proposal. Proposals should adequately address the details of the proposed contract.

(i)     Summary of Counsel/Firm’s Relevant Experience


(ii)       Capabilities and Methodology

(iii)      Expected Results

(iv)      Executives, Staffing, and Management

(v)       Communication

(vi)     Retainer Amount & Other Projected Expenses

(vii)     Any Current/Potential Future Conflicts & Conflict Resolution Policy

(vii)    References (please include at least three professional references)


Section 3.02  Proposal Details


(a) Summary of Counsel/Firm’s Relevant Experience

Include a brief history of your individual and/or your firm’s relevant experience that

prompted your RFP response, including your familiarity with current inpatient rehabilitation/post-acute care legislative policy issues


(b) Capabilities and Methodology

Detail your company's capabilities in delivering the requests in this proposal. You should

use this section to outline specifically your proposed method for achieving the

Association’s goals. If you are looking to make a bid to furnish services listed in Section

2.03, please provide a separate description of your capabilities and methodolog(ies) for performing those functions.


(c) Expected Results

Use this section to summarize the expected results of your methodology listed above.


(d) Executives, Staffing, and Management

List the executives, officers, associates, or other team members in charge of completing

the project and a summary of their background.


(e) Communication

Explain how you intend to communicate between the Association’s executive leadership,

, and staff in addition to how you will communicate to the project manager to ensure the projects stays on schedule.


(f) Retainer Amount & Other Expected Expenses

Build a detailed list of all expected expenses. If you are looking to make a bid to furnish

services listed in Section 2.03, please provide a separate description of how your retainer would be structured capture the service provided therein.



Provide 3 references relevant to AMRPAs requested engagement

To Apply: 

Please contacKate Bellefor questions about the proposal submission details:

Phone: 202-207-1132