Senior Vice President for Policy and Projects (SVP/Policy) 

– This is not an entry position


General Task Description.  The SVP/Policy is responsible for the design, coordination, and execution of the BENS Policy Agenda in close coordination and consultation with the President/CEO, the COO, other Senior Staff, and the Chair of the Board of Directors’ Policy Committee.  The SVP/Policy will directly report to the COO and will have direct access to the President/CEO and the Chair of the Policy Committee on matters pertaining to the Policy Agenda.  SVP/Policy is a team player understanding the true nature of collaboration.  

Policy Agenda Development.  The SVP/Policy is expected to proactively shape and recommend to the President/CEO, the COO, and the Policy Committee, a Policy Agenda that reflects projects and other engagements of national significance for BENS members and staff to undertake.  The shaping of the Agenda will be guided by one or more Enterprise-wide lines of effort that are informed by the major theme (s) in the national security and defense strategies and by proactive outreach discussions with interagency stakeholders, including the BENS Advisory Board, the Congress, the Executive, and other major players. The SVP/Policy is expected to work with the BENS staff to develop an approach for addressing each line of effort in consultation with interested Members, the President/CEO, and the COO.  

Policy Execution.  Upon approval of the Agenda, the SVP/Policy is expected to oversee its successful execution.  The SVP/Policy is expected to work closely with all BENS Division Leaders and Regional Directors to make sure the needed resources and support is available for the projects and engagements and other activities BENS undertakes.   The SVP/Policy is expected to collaborate with the SVP/Engagement to ensure that each project has active, well-qualified member involvement; and is also expected to make sure that sound project management plans are in place with appropriate objectives and time frames to guide work. The SVP/Policy is to keep the COO abreast of any significant deviations in the plans.  Keeping the Members informed of the progress being made in each line of effort is a priority. To that end, the SVP/Policy is expected to periodically update the Members on significant progress of the work and resultant accomplishments.  The SVP for Policy will also oversee the organizational analytic agenda as determined by the BENS Councils and approved by the Project Committee. 

Preparation for Board Meetings.   The SVP/Policy is expected to work closely with the COO and the SVP/Communications in the preparation of Policy related input for the Policy Committee Meetings and the Board Meetings, as well as any other materials as requested by the COO.  

Staff Management.  The SVP/Policy is expected to manage and oversee the activities and workloads of BENS Policy staff, including the supervision of the interns. This specifically includes the mentorship of two subordinate Vice Presidents. Exercising sound performance management steps such as setting expectations, providing continuous feedback, and performance appraisal are as important to the staff as it is to BENS. The SVP/Policy will identify training and direction for new Policy staff members and assist the COO in recruiting Policy staff as necessary either for permanent or temporary employment. 

BENS Day to Day Operations.  Upon Request of the President/CEO and /or the COO, the SVP/Policy is expected to participate in and assist with activities and special projects associated with office management processes such as budget preparation, performance management, recruiting/hiring and strategic planning for the Policy Department.

Key Characteristics for the Senior Vice President for Policy. 

  • Competency: The SVP for Policy will show a long history of competency including at least 15 years in leadership positions of increasing responsibility. This will include demonstrated leadership within the National Security Enterprise of the United States Government. The SVP for Policy will possess an advanced degree in a relevant area of concentration.
  • Compassion: The SVP for Policy will demonstrate a work history of compassionate and caring leadership with an emphasis on employee development.
  • Collaborative: The SVP for Policy will approach all aspects of the job with an Enterprise perspective and a commitment to collaboration with peer leaders.
  • Corporate: The SVP for Policy will ideally have experience working in both the corporate world and government sector. This would include preferably at least 3 years of corporate experience.


  • Master’s degree in relevant area of concentration;
  • Excellent oral and written communications ability;
  • Strong organizational and project management skills;
  • Visionary, creative, and strategic thinker who is able to identify policy opportunities and develop and achieve a plan for success;
  • High energy, maturity, and the ability to exercise strong judgment and discretion in advocacy matters at both the strategic and tactical levels;
  • Self-starter, able to work independently and in a large setting, and an entrepreneurial spirit; enjoys creating and implementing new initiatives;
  • Ability to relate to and communicate with diverse groups of individuals as a trusted team player;
  • Keen insight, awareness, and sensitivity into matters pertaining to National Security, threats, and opportunities.

This position is located in Washington DC but is remote currently due to COVID-19 pandemic.

To Apply: 

If interested, please send CV/Resume with Cover letter to