Rep. Gene Green (D-Texas, 29th)

The Hill's Lawmaker Ratings

The number ratings on each lawmaker's page are from zero to 100, which is the scale used by most advocacy organizations. Where a letter rating is used, the range is from A to F.

Issue Organization Rating
Abortion NARAL Pro-Choice America 100
  National Right to Life Center 0
Civil Rights ACLU 83
  Human Rights Campaign 75
Ideology American Conservative Union 0
  Americans for Democratic Action 80
  Drum Major Institute A+
  Family Research Council 5
Children Children's Defense Fund 90
Environment League of Conservation Voters 100
Immigration Numbers USA D
  U.S. Border Control NR
Public Health American Public Health Association 100
Senior Citizens Alliance for Retired Americans 100

Issue Organization Rating
Business and Labor AFL-CIO 97
  National Education Association A
  AFSCME 100
  BIPAC 40
  Chamber of Commerce 59
  Club for Growth 0
  National Federation of Independent Business 55
Taxes & Spending Americans for Tax Reform 10
  Citizens Against Government Waste 16
  National Taxpayers Union 3

Issue Organization Rating
Defense and Peace Council for a Livable World 50
  Center for Security Policy 14
  Friends Committee on National Legislation 50
  Peace Action 50
Guns Gunowners of America D
  Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence 19