Maximize your music experience with 30% off this Marshall wireless smart speaker

Maximize your music experience with 30% off this Marshall wireless smart speaker


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When it comes to live musical entertainment these days, options are unfortunately limited. Elevate your at-home listening experience and enjoy unrivaled sound from a legendary brand at a discounted price.

The Marshall® Stanmore II Wireless Smart Speaker normally sells for $399, but slash that cost in a big way by taking advantage of this 30-percent reduction. Now, only $279.99 provides you advanced audio technology packed with power and precision.


Don't let the compact frame fool you this sleek speaker delivers the decibels you're looking for from a personal entertainment device, regardless of the room you're in. It produces clean audio that can easily be controlled by your voice, even at the highest levels.

Exceptional audio quality is coupled with Amazon Alexa's extraordinary intellect, making you an unlimited hands-free DJ who can immediately access the perfect song for the perfect moment. And it's an opportunity to explore new music options or rediscover long-forgotten favorites. 

With access to all the world's music, simply ask Alexa to play albums, songs or playlists from the most popular instant video services. Can't remember the name of what you're looking for? A few lyrics is all it takes for Alexa to find that tune, and any information about musicians or bands can be acquired simply by asking.

Prefer to listen to a podcast while cooking, cleaning, or just lounging around? This device has you covered there, too, tapping into the entire universe of podcasts that entertain, educate and motivate.

Plus, recent enhancements have made Alexa a better conversationalist than ever before, expanding your ability to maximize a unique wireless speaker well-suited for all your potential needs.

Don't settle for lesser quality, limited options or inconsistent audio. Take 30 percent off The Marshall® Stanmore II Wireless Smart Speaker and listen as loud as you'd like without sacrificing clarity — whenever and wherever you want.

Marshall® Stanmore II Wireless Smart Speaker - $279.99

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