This female-led app helps you tackle anxiety and panic attacks from your phone

This female-led app helps you tackle anxiety and panic attacks from your phone


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Around 40 million adults suffer from anxiety. That's about 18 percent of the entire U.S. population. Anxiety disorders may be one of the most common forms of mental illness, but they often go untreated for a variety of reasons. Whether or not you're seeking professional treatment, there are ways you can work to mitigate your anxiety and panic attacks on the spot.

Meet Rootd

“Anxiety and panic attacks can be terrifying and defeating,” Ania Wysocka, Rootd's founder and creator told Wireless Wednesday last year. “Once I found the resources that helped me manage and overcome them, I knew I had to package that knowledge together with my design skills to create something easily digestible and accessible to help others who were suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.” 

Wysocka took those techniques and turned them into Rootd, a mobile app that takes a therapist-approved approach to anxiety, delivering results immediately, in those times when you need it most.

Rootd offers users an unlimited "panic button" that provides immediate support tools to help the second a panic attack sets in. You also get a journal to help track moods and episodes while building confidence to prevent or tackle your next episode. Rootd offers a special deep breathing tool as well that can help bring feelings of calm during an attack.

Other features of the app include an emergency call button if you need help, guided visualizations, soothing nature sounds, tips, and lessons to help you better understand the nature of panic attacks and how to manage them. It also provides body scan tools to help with active meditations to bring about a deeper sense of calm. 

Rootd is the premier app for conquering anxiety episodes and panic attacks head-on while helping to prevent them from recurring.

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