Get early Black Friday savings on Kodak scanners, printers, and projectors

Get early Black Friday savings on Kodak scanners, printers, and projectors

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If you've been working from home during the pandemic, it would be understandable if you're considering finally investing in your home office. And if you weren't lucky enough to have your company's help in paying for your newfound office expenses, you should definitely check out this sale on Kodak printers, scanners, and projectors. 

Not only do these products make great additions to your home office, but they will also provide you with a unique way to commemorate your old photos and films — which by the way, is a great stay-at-home project. From printers that allow you to customize your own phone case with one of your photos, to film scanners that allow your photos to live on the big screen of your TV or computer, there are plenty of ways to personalize your newfound office space. 

As a bonus, many of these items can be used to make your own personalized gifts this holiday season. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Just remember to enter code SAVE15NOV at checkout to get the best deals during this pre-Black Friday sale. 

Deals on Projectors

Kodak Luma 150 Portable Wireless HD Projector, $186.99 with code (regularly $249)

If you're in the market for a projector, this sleek, pocket-sized one will enlarge your images or videos on a 120-inch screen. Of course, it's great for work presentations and business meetings, but it's also perfect for impromptu movie nights and watching old home videos. 

Kodak Luma 75 Portable 1080p HD Pocket Projector, $161.49 with code (regularly $199)

For a little less cash, you can still score an excellent portable projector in the Kodak 75. You'll lose a little in terms of brightness and resolution, but you'll still get a quality product overall. It's rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and delivers 1080p quality on a screen size up to 120 inches. 

Deals on DIY

KODAK PrintaCase Printer, $101.99 with code(regularly $130)

Looking at the same phone case every day, all day can get old. With this handy printer, you can create new phone cases instantly featuring your favorite images or photos. It's easy to use, and makes a great gift for the DIYer in your life.

Deals on Scanners and Convertors 

Kodak 35mm Slide & Film Viewer, $38.24 with code (regularly $44)

This Amazon's Choice product is a best-in-class solution for going through old slides that have been collecting dust. Simply pop an old 35mm slide into the viewer to see the image in vivid color up to 3x bigger. It's the perfect gift for the most nostalgic member of your circle — or another great project to finally tackle over the holidays at home.

Kodak Film Scan Tool for PC & Mac, $76.49 with code (regularly $89)

Here's another Amazon's Choice product for the historian in your life. With this Film Scan Tool, you can convert old film or slides into newer image formats. Plus, thanks to its easy-load system, you can quickly work through batches without having to go one at a time. 

Kodak Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner, $110.49 with code (regularly $149)

Another option for converting old photos into new school JPEGs, this mini scanner won't take up much space when it's not being used. But when you're putting it to work, the 2.4" LCD screen and easy-load system will make converting your old memories easier than you think. 

Kodak Mobile Film Scanner, $33.99 with code (regularly $39)

Wish your old photos were on your smartphone like everything else? This seemingly simple box allows you to quickly turn old film into digital copies on your phone. It works with 35mm black-and-white film negatives, color film negatives, and color slide positives. 

Kodak Scanza Digital Film Scanner, $135.99 with code (regularly $229)

Another option for digitizing your precious memories, this film scanner turns a ton of film types (35mm, 16, 110, Super 8, and 8mm) into digital files on your computer. 

Kodak Slide N Scan Film & Slide Scanner, $127.49 with code (regularly $149)

Last but not least, this 4.4 out of 5-star Amazon-rated device lets you scan and view old negatives right on its screen. You can even connect that scanner right to your TV to take a walk down memory lane. You'll even be able to rotate and adjust the color as you go.