Protect your packages with this delivery security box that's on sale now

Protect your packages with this delivery security box that's on sale now

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Since delivery services have seen such a huge surge in business over the course of the pandemic, it’s understandable if you’ve started to wonder how you can keep yourself and your home safe.

The DeliverySafe: Lockable Insulated Box has the answer. This delivery lockbox allows the person dropping off your food or package access into the box so you don’t have to come out and meet them, and so that your packages are left in a secure place, safe from porch pirates. Right now, it’s on sale for $449.99 down from $499.

This box features a combination that is super easy to secure, so that you can easily choose who is able to open it. It has a 4 to 15-digit keypad, and it is totally weatherproof. You simply enter your code in your user profile, which lets the delivery companies gain access, so they can leave your package safely and easily.

“Package theft has become a major problem with the explosion of home delivered products,” said one reviewer. “We have had major issues with packages marked 'Delivered' and are nowhere to be found. DeliverySafe has been the absolute solution. Our drivers love the convenience and security from their perspective as well.”

The DeliverySafe is an insulated container, so it is also a great solution if you get your groceries delivered, which means it can keep your food fresh for longer periods of time. It is large enough to hold big boxes, and it’s completely durable and weatherproof to protect your deliveries from the elements.

Now’s the time to upgrade your home security and get the DeliverySafe: Lockable Insulated Box for 10% off, at $449.99.