Stay warm this winter with these cold weather accessories that are now on sale

Stay warm this winter with these cold weather accessories that are now on sale

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As parts of the country just faced the biggest snowstorm in years, you might be wondering if you're truly prepared for what this winter has in store. Whether you'll be hunkering down indoors or you love to get outside for winter sports, these 30 deals will help you survive the coldest months.

Knit Touchscreen Gloves

These cold weather gloves will keep your hands warm while still allowing you to operate your touchscreen phone due to the conductive material on the fingers.

Get the Knit Touchscreen Gloves for $10.99 (reg. $19).

Saltnets Snow & Ice Melting Mat

This mat combines calcium, magnesium, and sodium chlorides to create an ice and snow melting agent. It's ideal to use as a welcome mat or to put inside your door to use as you're dusting off your winter boots.  

Get the Saltnets Snow & Ice Melting Mat for $39.99 (reg. $49).

Torch 2.0 Coat Heater

This coat heater weighs just 4 ounces and will allow you to transform any of your jackets for the winter season. It wraps around your waist on the inside of your coat to provide you with extra warmth and can be easily switched between different jackets. 

Get the Torch 2.0 Coat Heater for $59.99 (reg. $99).

Heated Ice Scraper With Flashlight

This ice scraper is heated so that it works to melt away the ice as it scrapes it off, making much easier work of cleaning off your car. Its handle includes a built-in flashlight to help you see what you're doing more clearly. 

Get the Heated Ice Scraper With Flashlight for $17.99 (reg. $34).

Instant Reusable Handwarmers: 10-Pack

These small hand warmers will provide your hands with immediate warmth. Their compact design is made with plastic and gel, and because they're reusable, they're better for the environment than disposable versions.

Get the Instant Reusable Handwarmers: 10-Pack for $17.99 (reg. $25).

SUSTAIN Sport Heated Scarf

This scarf has a discreet heating system built-in so that you never have to worry about getting cold during long walks or outdoor sporting events. 

Get the SUSTAIN Sport Heated Scarf for $80.99 (reg. $99).

Classic Magnetic iceScreen™

This windshield cover connects to your car with a small magnet that's located on all four corners. It has foam endings that tuck into the car doors so that you don't have to worry about theft. 

Get the Classic Magnetic iceScreen™ for $24.99 (reg. $29).

Deluxe Magnetic iceScreen™

This ice screen features gel-padded magnets and is made of military-grade double waterproof reinforced oxford polyester. It's very durable and will keep your windshield snow and ice-free. 

Get the Deluxe Magnetic iceScreen™ for $29.99 (reg. $34).

Pickup Truck Magnetic iceScreen™

This ice screen is designed to fit the larger windshields of trucks. In addition to acting as a snow and ice screen, it doubles as a UV and heat shield in the summer. 

Get the Pickup Truck Magnetic iceScreen™ for $34.99 (reg. $44).

Insta Heater 600W Plug-In Wall Heater

This small plug-in wall heater is hardly larger than the outlet, but it works to provide warmth to the surrounding areas. It would be perfect for smaller rooms or an office. 

Get the Insta Heater 600W Plug-In Wall Heater for $24.99 (reg. $36).

Egloo All-in-1 Oil Diffuser, Humidifier & Space Heater (2-Pack)

This small heater can act as a diffuser, humidifier, and space heater. It's made of terracotta and only 7 inches in diameter, making it easy to fit just about anywhere. 

Get the Egloo All-in-1 Oil Diffuser, Humidifier & Space Heater (2-Pack) for $159.95 (reg. $36).