Getting a handle on your personal finances could be the most important thing you do in 2021

Getting a handle on your personal finances could be the most important thing you do in 2021

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Whether all of your time spent working at home during the year has led you to consider a career change or the extra attention on the economy made you think about your own money situation, one of the best things you can do for yourself at this point in the pandemic is improve your proficiency when it comes to finances. Forget the rest of the resolutions—2021 should be the year you focus on financial goals.

The Complete Learn Finance Super Bundle contains an assortment of educational content that can be used to get a handle on your personal finances or learn skills that can help you explore a new professional path. It features 12 courses and 82 hours of training that focuses on accounting, financial mathematics, funds and more.

The courses are taught by skilled professionals, from a certified public accountant with years of experience to an internationally recognized analytics professional, both of whom are adept at teaching financial information in an easily understandable and engaging manner.

This program is great for beginners but also features more advanced modules. You can start with the one-hour basics of accounting class that offers 17 short lectures that go over equations, creating a simplified balance sheet, the difference between debit and credit and the fundamentals of calculating the net income of a business.

Looking to learn for professional purposes? Go at your own pace through the inner-workings of payroll accounting, from legislation to calculations. You'll get an in-depth description of the laws that deal with calculations and payroll withholdings, as well as the ways to calculate payroll tax withholdings. 

If your intention is more for home use, you won't want to skip the class on high-level skills that will help you create and use Excel dashboards and data visualization techniques; these can help you get a much deeper understanding of your personal finances and potential future.

There are also courses in financial concepts, calculations and applications; careers in both hedge and mutual fund management; and an introduction to accounting modeling and valuation. Access to all the content is unlimited, so you can go back over any topics that are particularly tricky or get a refresher years down the line. The instructors make complex topics simple to understand so that you can actually implement them in your life. 

Get all 743 lessons in the Complete Learn Finance Super Bundle for $39.99 (valued at $2388), a savings of 98%.

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