Save over 35% on this highly-rated spam call and text blocking app

Save over 35% on this highly-rated spam call and text blocking app

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After the third call that day about your car's warranty expiring, you find yourself wanting to shout, "I don't even own a car!" right in the middle of Union Station. Our digital age has been swept by robocalls and scammer bots that ring and text your phone day and night, but it's also brought innovative tech like the RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker.

RoboKiller blocks over 500 million known phone scams (over 99% of spam calls and 95% of spam text messages) on lines on a monthly plan (it doesn't work with prepaid phones) and goes a step further by employing their own answer bots to confuse and outwit spammers, proving not all robots should be eyed with caution. RoboKiller’s predictive call-blocking algorithm intercepts any incoming spam call in less than 0.01 second, meaning your phone won't actually ring. You'll get back time and peace and quiet, without worry about missing a call from a loved one. With personalized block and allow lists, you still get to be in charge of whose calls come through.

You'll be able to keep up with new scams, as well. In fact, RoboKiller is already able to handle protecting your phone number from targeted neighbor spoofing spam calls. Crowdsourced reporting on the app also provides tracking for spamming trends in your area, so RoboKiller can help block new threats.

Feeling a little skeptical? RoboKiller was featured on NBC, Engadget, Wired, Ars Technica, and News Tonight. Users are loving the freedom the app offers them, as shown by a 4.5/5 star rating on the Apple App Store and 4 stars on Google Play.

You can sign up for a 2-year subscription to this top-rated robocall solution for $49.99 (reg. $79), and save 37%. Alternatively, you can opt for a lesser commitment and go with the 1-year option or secure serenity for 3 full years.

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