This multi-functional barbell and accompanying app is on a major sale

This multi-functional barbell and accompanying app is on a major sale

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If you're one of the many Americans who has gained weight while quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be at the point of considering workout options.

Luckily The Axle Bundle, which is a barbell and personalized weight set that comes with an annual unlimited livestream, as well as on-demand workouts, is currently on sale. Right now, it’s marked down to $299.99 from $388, which is a 22-percent discount. It allows you to complete multiple workouts with just one piece of equipment.

The bar measures only 55 inches long, which is perfect for those looking for a piece of workout equipment that won’t monopolize the space in their homes. It weighs 11.2 pounds, which makes it perfect for a wide variety of workouts targeting specific muscle groups. While it can be used for traditional bench presses, or straight bar lifting for deadlifts, it can also transform into a core roller or Crossfit bar.

It comes with two attachable 19-inch wheels, as well as two bar clamps that will make it easy to secure the wheels and as much additional weight as you want. It also comes with a plate load that makes it easily compatible with other weights in your home gym. Finally, the deal includes a foot anchor so that you can safely integrate varying exercises into your routine.

The Axle also comes with an app that has an extensive library of workouts that are suitable for those at all skill and endurance levels. The app is easily accessible through your desktop or mobile devices.

Right now, this multi-functional piece of workout equipment is on sale, at a 22-percent discount for $299.99. It’s sure to become the most-used piece of workout equipment in your home gym.

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