Save on vet bills with this discounted pet allergy test

Save on vet bills with this discounted pet allergy test

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Dog owners expect there to be some medical costs associated with having a pet, but the bills rack up when investigating mysterious skin ailments and upset puppy tummies. To help man's best friend — and their own wallets — dog lovers may want to turn to at-home options. The Allergy Test My Pet Kit for just $69.99 may be the answer they're looking for.

Just like people, pets can develop uncomfortable and painful allergies. These can lead to serious skin issues like rashes and hotspots, as well as upset stomachs. Both food and environmental allergens can trigger sensitivities in your pet, so it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what causes the physical symptoms.

That's why Allergy Test My Pet runs through over 100 potential allergens so you can get the best picture of what your dog might react to. You'll get a customized report of which foods and household products may produce a reaction in your pet. This will make excluding them from his diet simple.

Contained within the testing kit is a mistake-proof saliva collection device with a non-toxic buffer. Once you collect your dog's saliva, pack it up in included bubble wrap and send it back to be analyzed. The analysis process looks for proteins in the saliva that may indicate a sensitivity.

You do everything you can to make sure your dog is living a healthy life. Testing him for allergies is just one more step you can take as an awesome pet parent. And it can make raising your puppy easier, too, with less itchy skin baths required and upset tummy messes to clean. Pet parents on Amazon have found this to be true, rating the kit 4/5 stars.

When you add up all the vet visits undiagnosed allergies may require, the 29% discount on Allergy Test My Pet seems even bigger. Solve the mystery of your best friend's skin and digestive issues for just $69.99 when you get the Allergy Test My Pet Kit.

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