This $39 Excel training will teach you everything you need to know.

This $39 Excel training will teach you everything you need to know.

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Trying to find a job, move to a new company, or secure a promotion are not particularly easy tasks in the pandemic economy. Between shutdowns and downsizing, many businesses are simply not able to spend money on salaries. That being said, for the ones that are hiring, the pool of applicants is larger than usual, making it difficult for candidates to stand out. If you're one of those candidates, you'll need unparalleled skills to set you apart, and one area that matters is Microsoft Excel.

Whether you need to brush up on some basic skills you already have and take them to the next level or you're starting completely from scratch, The Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle offers an at-home solution for teaching yourself what you need to know. It includes eight courses and 45 hours on essential Excel skills that will make it easy to use this beneficial tool.

The courses are taught by Chris Dutton, who is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert. Dutton is also an analytics consultant who has spent years specializing in business intelligence and marketing analytics.

Dutton has outlined the classes to make them manageable for anyone, no matter if you are a beginner or working at a more advanced level already. This training will help you learn how to use Excel in a way that will make your life easier. The first course will walk you through basic formulas, text, and statistical functions and even move on to basic-array formulas. You will also learn what he calls “bonus functions” that will completely transform the way you view and utilize the software.

Students will also learn how to effectively utilize charts and graphs to communicate goals to their colleagues and help them stay organized. There are also modules on Power Excel that will teach you common DAX functions, data modeling, Power Pivot, and Power Query.

No matter where you fall in terms of your level of expertise, this online program will help you feel confident in your ability to use this powerful software to its fullest extent. Right now, The Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is on sale for $39.